An Introduction to Author Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Hans Overturf stands out as the founder of OFS, an investment firm based in Mill Valley, California. Graduating third out of a class of 32 from Morgan Stanley’s training program, he has since managed many complex portfolios as well as his own and his family’s assets. Hans Overturf enjoys learning about the innovative financial concepts that make up the work of Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

A former trader of complex derivatives, Nassim Nicholas Taleb has earned acclaim for his books on chance events and their potential impact on the financial world. In his book Fooled by Randomness, Mr. Taleb examines the fine line between luck and skill, as well as the effect chance can have on financial decisions. Since the publication of this book, he has gone on to examine similar concepts in The Black Swan.

Published in 2010, The Black Swan examines events that people identify as improbable, yet have gone on to cause major ramifications in the financial market. In the book, Mr. Taleb discusses the unseen prevalence of these events and why analysts often miss them. His illuminating style and content also characterize his other work, Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder.