Marathon Training

An award-winning former wealth manager and veteran of the Swiss military, Hans Overturf enjoys a variety of hobbies including yoga and helicopter flying. Hans Overturf also runs extensively and has trained for a marathon with the goal of completing it in less than 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Named for the site of a battle between Ancient Greece and Persia, marathons represent a global standard for long-distance running. In addition to the Olympic marathon, marathon events take place worldwide, particularly in major cities.

To train for a marathon, a runner must commit several months or half a year to long distance running. A runner’s weekly mileage often serves as a metric for the rigor of the training. The runner builds up mileage over time as his or her fitness increases. Running 5K, 10K, and half marathon races can provide a sense of accomplishment and serve as a benchmark for training progress as well.

A beginner usually focuses on the simple goal of completing the race. This is a significant challenge, even for fit individuals. Eventually, as they advance in stamina, marathoners begin to focus on other goals as well, for instance successfully training at particular speeds and achieving certain completion times.