The Most Popular Marathons in the US

New York City Marathon pic
New York City Marathon

For more than six years, Hans Overturf has served as a private investor and account manager at OFS in Tiburon, California. Away from work, Hans Overturf is an avid runner with a goal of completing a marathon in less than two hours and 40 minutes.

A complete marathon measures just under 42.2 kilometers, or about 26.2 miles, a distance that challenges runners to push themselves to their physical limits. The United States hosts a number of the most popular marathons in the world, including the ING New York City Marathon. Established nearly five decades ago, the NYC marathon currently boasts more than 43,600 finishers and is one of the most difficult marathons to qualify for.

In terms of finishers, New York City’s annual marathon is rivaled only by the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. A member of the World Marathon Majors series, Chicago’s annual event routinely draws some of the world’s most talented competitors and finishes more than 33,700 athletes. Other popular marathons in the United States include the Boston Marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC, and the Walt Disney World Marathon in Orlando.


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