Important Stretches for Runners

Runners Stretches pic
Runners Stretches

Based out of Tiburon, California, Hans Overturf has worked as a private investor with OFS since 2009. When he is not managing investment accounts, Hans Overturf likes to stay physically active through running and yoga.

One of the most important stretches individuals can engage in prior to a run is the walking lunge. Walking lunges begin by taking an exaggerated step forward with the right leg. The Runner should then bend the knee until the right thigh is completely parallel to the ground while the knee makes a straight line with the ankle. As the runner rises up out of this position, the left leg should draw even with the right before stepping forward and forming a left leg lunge. Runners should perform 10 lunges with each leg before a run, for a total of 20 walking lunges.

There are also a number of stretches runners should use to properly cool down after a workout, such as the standing quad. This stretch begins in a normal standing position. From there, the runner bends one leg backwards so that the heel touches the lower back, or comes as close as possible. Individuals must make sure to only use their hands for support and balance, rather than pulling up on the leg, so as not to overstretch.


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