An Overview of Patellofemoral Syndrome

Patellofemoral Syndrome pic
Patellofemoral Syndrome

Hans Overturf has been an independent investor in Tiburon, California, since 2009. Beyond his investment activities, Hans Overturf enjoys staying in shape through running and marathon training.

An estimated 80 percent of running injuries occur below the knee. In fact, the most common affliction faced by runners today, patellofemoral syndrome, is often referred to as runner’s knee. About one in three runners get patellofemoral syndrome. Symptoms include pain in and around the kneecap and the knee buckling. Pain can be especially hard to deal with when a person takes a seated or squatting position, or simply forces the knee to bend, but the condition does not lead to any structural damage of the femur.

Medical professionals refer to the syndrome as an overuse condition. With overuse and poor conditioning representing the two primary causes of runner’s knee, most recovery plans begin and end with rest. As a runner regains strength and mobility, he or she should work on improving his or her stretching and conditioning routines in order to minimize the likelihood of further injury.


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