Information on Private Pilot Helicopter Certification

Private Pilot pic
Private Pilot

Hans Overturf established OFS in Tiburon, California, as his investment office in 2009. A certified private helicopter pilot, Hans Overturf enjoys spending his free time flying helicopters and traveling.

Individuals who have earned a private pilot helicopter license may fly for various reasons, ranging from business to personal. Any person with a private pilot certification can fly themselves as well as family members, friends, and coworkers. However, private pilots cannot receive compensation for their flying, which requires commercial flight certification.

The private pilot helicopter certification process is open to individuals of at least 17 years of age who have a strong understanding of written and spoken English. A person with no previous flight experience or pilot rating must engage in 20 hours of instructed flight practice as well as an additional 20 hours of solo air time before taking a flight test. However, most aspiring pilots will log as many as 65 hours before attempting certification. Prior to the flight exam, individuals need to pass a written test with a score of 70 or better. Instructors may subject students to further oral testing throughout the flight test. Instructors may be examiners with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or designated examiners in good standing with the FAA.


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