An Overview of Helicopter Private Pilot License Certification

Helicopter Private Pilot License Certification  pic
Helicopter Private Pilot License Certification

Hans Overturf is the owner of a private financial services firm. When he is not managing his and his business partner’s portfolios or overseeing his ownership in a number of outside businesses, Hans Overturf spends time flying as a certified helicopter pilot.

Any person interested in pursuing a helicopter private pilot license, or PPL(H), must first pass a physical approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Students determined to be healthy enough to fly must then meet the minimum time and training hours as described by the FAA.

PPL(H) students should complete no less than 40 total hours of flight time, including at least 27 hours of instructed flight, 10 hours of solo flying in a helicopter, 3 hours of cross country flying, and 3 hours of test preparation flying. Students must also perform a continuous flight of at least 100 nautical miles that features at least three landings and take offs.

Before achieving PPL(H) certification, an individual also must pass a written evaluation, an oral exam, and a flight test conducted by an FAA member or designated pilot examiner.


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