Hans Overturf | About

An alum of Humboldt State University, Hans Overturf joined the Eureka, California division of Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor after graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in economics. While working for the firm, Hans Overturf assisted various private clients in all areas of their personal finances, including managing their assets. Recognized for his skills and services, he was twice awarded the firm’s National Director’s Award as well as Morgan Stanley’s Rising Star Award.

In July of 2003, Hans Overturf established his own private financial services practice in the town of Arcata, California. Through this practice, he manages the investments of both his family and business partner. He also holds minority ownership in a number of businesses.

A native of Switzerland, Hans Overturf served in the Swiss Armed Forces for two years. During his service, he received the Swiss military’s award for “Best Officer Athlete” and earned the rank of First Lieutenant.

In his leisure time, Mr. Overturf enjoys flying helicopters, running, traveling, practicing yoga, and reading. His favorite author is the noted essayist and scholar, Nassim Nicholas Taleb.


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