The Sleep Benefits of Yoga

Hans Overturf, of Tiburon, California, currently serves as a private investor with OFS. When he is not working, Hans Overturf enjoys exercising by running marathons and practicing yoga.

Individuals may pursue yoga for a variety of reasons, including back pain and excess stress. Yoga can also help those who suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders. Research has shown insomniacs can improve their sleep patterns through yoga in as little as eight weeks, while two yoga sessions per week can help cancer patients sleep better and combat fatigue. Yoga’s effect on different parts of the nervous system, especially the brain, is one of the main reasons yoga functions as such a useful sleep aid.

A number of yoga postures enhance blood flow to the brain’s sleep center, thereby helping with sleep cycle normalization, while the deep breathing exercises associated with most poses feed added oxygen to the brain. Some yoga moves help to rejuvenate every layer of the body, down to the cellular level, while others flush toxins out of the system. Regular yoga practitioners find themselves needing less sleep, and the sleep they do get is of higher quality, thanks to increased mindfulness and relaxation.